U.N. approves loan for Moroccan waste managment


solid_waste_moroccoA US$130 million project has been approved to support the Moroccan national goal of sanitary disposal of solid waste by 2022.

According to World Bank’s press release, the companies Board of Executive Directors approved the project on Feb. 12 th, 2015 to support the goal of ensuring all municipal solid waste is disposed in sanitary landfills, along with 20% of all waste recycled, by 2022.

With sixty percent of Morocco’s population living in cities, the country has faced a pressing demand for more efficient and affordable solid waste management as well as “for sustainably disposing of a growing waste production of around 5.5 million tons per year” reports The World Bank. 

Founded in 1944, The World Bank, part of United Nations, provides loans to developing countries for capital programs in attempts to end poverty and boost shared prosperity.

The loan was designed to support the 15-year National Program for Solid Waste Management within the country, adding to the US$1.98 billion of the 21 other projects that The World Bank is financing within Morocco reports the company. 

The project is planned to focus on boosting solid waste services in urban areas, as well as improving conditions and incomes for traditional jobs within the world of solid waste management, such as the ‘waste pickers,’ who work in unsanitary and hazardous conditions. The program is also planned to create an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 jobs by 2022.


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