Cleaning up waste management


With the new year well under way, and the constant need to live sustainably, the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA) is at the front lines with reminding both individuals and companies that are dealing with waste on a daily basis, to be knowledgeable of waste management issues and regulations.

According to CBN, by joining IWMSA, both people and industries will be provided with “access to the latest waste management technology and skills development courses in order to stay up to speed with the ever-changing industry.” 

IWMSA, which was established over 30 years ago, voluntary  is a non-profit organization that helps with professional waste management, using multi-disciplinary  techniques to promote environmentally acceptable, cost effective and appropriate waste management practices.

CBN reports that the most recent National Waste Information Baseline Report indicated that South Africa generated approximately 108 million tons of waste in 2011 with municipal waste amounted to 18.5% of all waste ending up at landfill sites. With the private and public sector having a major role to play in advancing southern Africa’s waste landscape, the need is great, especially with dwindling landfill space.

According to CBN, the IWMSA boasts that they are the go-to body for all waste-related issues, technology and best practice and have been working towards a more sustainable planet since 1976. 

In the company’s mission, they state that they strive to improve waste management standards and legislation while practicing affordable cost effective techniques and promoting the value of waste as a resource.


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