Kenya’s waste management thrives under new system


A new form of waste management has begun to lead the way to cleaner waterways in Kenya.

According to The Raw Food World, Lindsay Stradley, founder of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Sanergy, located in Kenya, has developed a new system that conducted the cycle of human waste in a sanitary, productive manner.

Currently serving up to 13,000 people a day, they are the largest provider of hygienic sanitation in the Nairobi area.

With the sanitation in Kenya an ongoing problem, the current process of managing human waste is extremely unhygienic, causing contamination of the local water sources.

Of the 8 million people living in Kenya’s urban slums, it’s been reported that they produce approximately 4 million tons of waste annually which ends up in large waste pits. The waste collectors or “frog men” as they are known, then wait for it to liquify before they jump down to scoop up the sludge and deposit it into various waterways.

Sanergy’s business model consists of five major steps: build, franchise, collect, convert and transfer.

Build the sanitation centres. Sanergy‘s sanitation centres can be built for around $200 each, compared to the usual price ranging of around $500 to $25000.

Franchise and hire people within the community who operate the centres which results in ecomonic benefits . The Raw Food World reported that the “Microentrepreneurs rent out the sanitation centres, who in turn charge a small fee to customers for its usage, often resulting in up to $2,000 annually.Collect the waste containers daily.” 

Convert the waste at the central processing site where their contents are recycled into an organic fertilizer and renewable energy by composting with sawdust and microorganisms.

Transfer and sell the synthetic fertilizer to farms across East Africa for lower prices.


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