India, Germany discuss waterways and waste


On January 28, both India and Germany’s environmental minsters gathered to discuss various challenges and solutions related to water and waste management.

BigNewsNetwork reported Prakash Javadekar and his German counterpart Barbara Hendricks addressed the two-day Indo-German Environment Forum in New Delhi on Wednesday.  The two spoke on issues related to water and waste managemen as well as plans for resource efficiency and sustainable urban development.

Addressing the meet, praise for New Delhi’s efforts to clean river Ganga was spoken as well as the high-level of pollution in West German rivers were noted by Hendricks.

West Germany has been facing water-related challenges due to the massive pollution that came with economic developments reports BigNewsNetwork. And in 1960 the line was so polluted that fish no longer inhabited it.

“Water is an elementary resource for our lives,”said Hendricks at the Indo-German Forum. “It is vital for our people and the environment. Responsible water use is a task for each and every one of us. The state had a task for ensuring to clean water for all people and facilitate sustainable use.”

Javadekar spoke of the new government that aimed towards achieving energy efficiency and water efficiency by 2020. And complimented the work the rag pickers that play a massive role in India’s waste management.

The first Indo-German Environment Forum was held in 2008 in New Delhi.


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